THANK YOU TO OUR 2017 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN DONORS! (Updated April 7th, 2017)

PARTNER             $10,000-$24,999

IF Insurance


National Association of Elevator Safety Authority International (NAESAI)

National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)

Schindler Elevator Corporation

ASSOCIATE         $5,000-$9,999

GAL Mfg Corp/Hollister Whitney

SPONSOR            $2,500 to $4,999

Hendrick, Ricia

Atlantic Elevator Service

D & D Elevator Maintenance, Inc.

SUSTAINER         $1,000 to $2,4999

Innovation Industries, Inc.

IUEC Local 1 - New York, NY

C. E. Electronics, Inc.

Canton Elevator, Inc.

Gorman Company, Inc.

IUEC Local 31 - Houston, TX

Maxton Manufacturing Company

Wurtec Elevator Products & Services, Inc.

DONOR                $500 TO $999

Columbia Elevator Products

D. A. Matot, Inc.

ELCON Enterprises, Inc.

Formula Systems North America, Inc.

Integrated Display Systems, Inc.

International Union Of Elevator Constructors

IUEC Local 10 - Washington, DC

IUEC Local 140 - Phoenix/Tucson, AZ

IUEC Local 18 - Los Angeles, CA

IUEC Local 2 - Chicago, IL

IUEC Local 8 - San Francisco, CA

IUEC Local 81 - San Antonio, TX

National Elevator Cab & Door Corporation

Omni Elevator Company

Precision Elevator Corporation

Quality Elevator Company, Inc.

Westcoast Elevator Pads

PATRON               $100 TO $499

Denniston, Robert

IUEC Local 131 - Albuquerque, NM/El Paso, TX

DTM Drafting & Consulting Services, Inc.

EMR Elevator, Inc.

Gunderlin Ltd., Inc.

Gustav Wolf Wire Rope

HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc.

Teresa & Doug Witham


Vertical Maintenance & Repair, Inc.

H&H Industrial Motor Services

IUEC Local 5 - Philadelphia, PA

Jersey Elevator Company, Inc.

LEC Consulting & Inspection Group, Inc.

Mac Metals Incorporated

Penn City Elevator Company

Pine State Elevator Company

Harwood Wright

Avery Elevator Corporation

Bill & Margaret Boppart

CEDES Corporation Of America

Claddagh Electronics Ltd.

Davis L. Turner & Associates, LLC

Dieter Consulting Services, Inc.

Draper Elevator Cab Company, Inc.

Elevator Equipment Corporation

IUEC Local 132 - Madison, WI

IUEC Local 135 - Charlotte, NC

IUEC Local 16 - New Orleans, LA

IUEC Local 20 - Louisville, KY

IUEC Local 3 - St. Louis, MO

IUEC Local 32 - Atlanta, GA

IUEC Local 36 - Detroit, MI

IUEC Local 39 - Providence, RI

IUEC Local 49 - Jacksonville, FL

IUEC Local 6 - Pittsburgh, PA

IUEC Local 85 - Lansing, MI


Mark Mullins

Michael Langer

Mortman, Jacqueline A. & St. Louis, Jean Pierre

Fred Newman

Chris Nowakowski

Star Elevator Company

Steve Greene & Associates

Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, Inc

Virginia Controls, Inc.

Walsh Associates Ltd.

FRIEND                 $1-$99

IUEC Local 59 - Harrisburg, PA



The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation is funded 100% through donations. These funds are used to pay for materials, advertise safety and cover all expenses related to furthering the goals and mission of the EESF. Without your support we cannot accomplish them. If you would like to donated directly please use the form below to do so. 

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Workplace Campaign

One of the most significant resources American employers offer to address community needs is the opportunity for employees to give to charitable causes at the workplace. Our country has a long tradition of conducting employee workplace giving campaigns to address the social concerns of communities and respond to the charitable interests of employees. This time-honored practice provides nearly $4 billion annually – primarily through payroll deduction. It is the highest yielding and the lowest cost method of fund raising for nonprofit organizations.

 Being able to give to charitable organizations through payroll deduction at the workplace is important to employees and has a strong connection to giving. Contributions made by individuals through payroll deduction are estimated to be between four and six times greater than gifts or those made through other means.

Due to privacy acts, Workplace Campaign participants names are no longer revealed. EESF would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participate in the Workplace Campaign.