2020-23 EESF Strategic Plan

Our Vision:

A world free of elevator and escalator accidents.

Our Mission:

To promote public safety and prevent accidents by educating the public on the proper use of elevators and escalators.

Marketing/Communications Goal: 

Develop a marketing plan to communicate the Foundation’s programs.

Objective #1:  Promote program awareness through both online and “offline” marketing efforts.

Objective #2:  Increase email communications.

Objective #3:  Increase social media awareness.

Donor & Industry Relationships Goal: 

Elevate our industry relationships through communication, accountability and transparency.

Objective #1:  Establish regular communication of Foundation activities including fundraising and program updates; financial information, events and opportunities.

Financial Goal: 

Grow the resources of the Foundation to support its goals and objectives.

 Objective #1:  Increase revenue opportunities by exploring grant programs, new fundraisers, matching programs and company challenges.

Objective #2:  Expand the donor base beyond the elevator/escalator industry (i.e., building industry, insurance companies, parenting organizations, etc.)

Objective #3:  Review existing fundraisers and identify ways to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses.

Objective #4:  Work with existing donors to encourage sustained giving programs.

Infrastructure/Operations Goal: 

Develop a disaster recovery plan and standard operating procedures for the effective operation of the Foundation.

Objective #1:  Rewrite standard operating procedures.  Create a list of business procedures to ensure continuity of service.

Objective #2:  Develop a disaster recovery plan; secure and store critical information for sustainability in the event of a catastrophic event.