Safe-T-Riders - kIDS program

There are two great ways for children to learn. The best and easiest method is to have any child visit  The second is by requesting paper learning packets which include an activity page, a certificate and sticker. Please share this site with any mom, dad, teacher or person who works with young children. 


Paper/Packet Teachers Edition

For teachers or other larger institutions who want to give the program in the traditional "paper" format the EESF can provide you with the materials to do so. Please contact Program Director Laurie Dueitt at for additional information. 


download, print and hand out your own activity sheets

Can't wait for paper packets to be sent to you?  Download, print for your classroom today! 

Click the image above to open and print page 1

Click the image above to open and print page 1

Click the image above to open and print page 2

Click the image above to open and print page 2

download, print, color, cutout & share your adventures


A fun activity for anyone young or old. Simply download, print, color and cutout the Safe-T-Riders Characters. Then take them with you where ever you go spreading safety messages to those who may not know them.  Share your adventures with friends and family by taking photos of the Safe-T-Riders and where they've traveled. 




1) Watch your step
2) Leave closing doors alone
3) If doors don’t open ring alarm button and wait
4) If there is a fire in the building use stairs

Escalators & Moving Walks
1) Step on and off carefully
2) People only – NO strollers, carts, animals, luggage
3) Hold the handrail
4) Take care of younger children, never leave unattended
5) Do not touch the sides below the handrail
6) Stand facing forward.

teachers - Classroom presentations 

If you are a teacher and are giving the program to your class and would prefer to have a written packet sent to you please contact