PARTNER             $10,000-$24,999

International Association of Elevator Consultants (IAEC)

National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)

National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII)

Schindler Elevator Corporation

ASSOCIATE         $5,000-$9,999

Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund

Elevator U Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

National Association of Elevator Safety Authority International (NAESAI)

SPONSOR         $2,500-$4,999

Atlantic Elevator Service

SUSTAINER       $1,000 to $2,4999

C. E. Electronics, Inc.

Canton Elevator, Inc.

D & D Elevator Maintenance, Inc.

Elevator Motors Corporation (EMCO)

Elevator World, Inc.

Gorman Company, Inc.

Innovation Industries, Inc.

IUEC Local 1- New York, NY

IUEC Local 19 - Seattle WA

IUEC Local 2 - Chicago, IL

IUEC Local 25 - Denver, CO

IUEC Local 31 - Houston, TX

Maxton Manufacturing Company

Performance Elevator Consulting, LLC

Ricia Hendrick

DONOR                $500 TO $999

C.J. Anderson & Company

CED Elevator Supply

Courion Industries

D. A. Matot, Inc.

Donnelly & Associates, Inc.

ELCON Enterprises, Inc.

Integrated Display Systems, Inc.

International Union Of Elevator Constructors

IUEC Local 12 - Kansas City, MO

IUEC Local 135 - Charlotte, NC

IUEC Local 140 - Phoenix/Tucson, AZ

IUEC Local 18 - Los Angeles, CA

IUEC Local 3 - St. Louis, MO

IUEC Local 5 - Philadelphia, PA

IUEC Local 8 - San Francisco, CA

Jersey Elevator Company, Inc.

National Elevator Cab & Door Corporation

Precision Elevator Corporation

Quality Elevator Company, Inc.

Stanley Elevator Company, Inc.

VTE Solution, LLC

Westcoast Elevator Pads

PATRON               $100 TO $499

Avery Elevator Corporation

Bill & Margaret Boppert

Cardelli Lanfear, PC

Claddagh Electronics Ltd.

Country Home Elevators & Stair Lifts, LLC

Davis L. Turner & Associates

Delaware Elevator Company

Robert Denniston

Draper Elevator Cab Company, Inc.

DTM Drafting & Consulting Services, Inc.

Elevator Advisors International, Inc.

Elevator Equipment Corporation

Elevator Riders Riding Club

EMR Elevator, Inc.

Fred G. Newman

Glenn Duncan

GS Elevator Industries, Inc.

Gunderlin Ltd., Inc.

Gustav Wolf Wire Rope

H&H Industrial Motor Services

HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc

Industrial/Commercial Elevator

IUEC Local 10 - Washington, DC

IUEC Local 11 - Cincinnati, OH

IUEC Local 124 - Mobile, AL

IUEC Local 131 - Albuquerque, NM/El Paso, TX

IUEC Local 132 - Madison, WI

IUEC Local 138 - Poughkeepsie, NY

IUEC Local 139 - Orlando, FL

IUEC Local 14 - Buffalo, NY

IUEC Local 15 - Milwaukee, WI

IUEC Local 17 - Cleveland, OH

IUEC Local 28 - Omaha, NE

IUEC Local 32 - Atlanta, GA

IUEC Local 36 - Detroit, MI

IUEC Local 48 - Charleston, WV

IUEC Local 49 - Jacksonville, FL

IUEC Local 52 - Norfolk, VA

IUEC Local 55 - Peoria/Springfield, IL

IUEC Local 59 - Harrisburg, PA

IUEC Local 6 - Pittsburgh, PA

IUEC Local 7 - Baltomore, MD

IUEC Local 71 - Miami, FL

IUEC Local 74 - Tampa, FL

IUEC Local 84 - Reading-Allen, PA

IUEC Local 85 - Lansing, MI

IUEC Local 9 - Minneapolis, MN

IUEC Local 93 - Nashville/Chatanooga, TN

LEC Consulting & Inspection Group, Inc.

Mac Metals, Incorporated


Mark Mullins

Michael Langer

Norman B. Martin

Omni Elevator Company

Parts Specialists, Inc.

Pine State Elevator Company

RCB Elevator Consulting, LLC

Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics, Inc.

Star Elevator Company

Sterling Elevator Consultants, LLC

Steve Greene & Associates

Teresa & Doug Witham

Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, Inc

Vertical Maintenance & Repair, Inc.

Walsh Associates Ltd.

Woodfold Manufacturing, Inc.

Harwood Wright

FRIEND                 $1-$99